Augmented Reality

iReal, an augmented reality platform, a robust AR browser, and much more. Create and publish contents in the cloud and easily enable augmented reality on your business.

360° Immersion

Support 360 video and photospheres in both mono and stereoscopic view, opens new horizons to the entertainment media production industry.

3D Stereoscopy

Carboard + AR + VR.
Experience virtual reality in a simple, fun and affordable way.

Change the way you experience reality

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 360° Immersion.

Businesses, enterprise partners, publishers, educators connect with mobile consumers audiences, easily enable rich immersive media experience into your business.

Corporate Identity

Turn your business card into a live advert whereby readers can digitally interact with it.

Magazines & Publications

Give your customers interactive products and deeper information like related offers, recipes & tips, news.

Products & Packaging

Transform the reading experience with rich contents.

Clothing & Merchandise

Combine technology with wearable, deliver AR campaigns for your brand.

Are you ready?

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